A ignore all outer distractions, can't wait to implement all these amazing tactics, kind of Speaker + Coach 

Hannah Murphy, Productivity Strategist

Collaborating with Samantha is literally the best! I've been in multiple summits and podcast interviews before and I can hands down say Samantha is seriously good at this! I really admire the way she makes every speaker in her summit or guest on her podcast feel appreciated and valued, I love the way she's always so organized and goes above and beyond for people, and I also love her audience - they are so fun to engage with! It was so fun to partner up and I'm grateful for the impact it has on my business!

Tiffany Jones, Brand Strategist & Coach

Working with Samantha was such a stress-free and smooth experience. Putting together an online summit is no joke! Samantha's attention to detail, communication and efforts to make me feel comfortable and prepared as a guest speaker for her event were above and beyond. It was very clear that she was prepared and made a solid plan to execute her vision. She was timely, thorough and most importantly showed patience, grace and care for all of her collaborators. I would absolutely partner with her again!

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WOOHOO! I can't wait to hear from you! I could seriously teach and talk about business all day long.

I'm an open book. In previous collabs, I've gotten so real with the host that I've gotten calls from my mom...

"Uhhhh, Sam. Why didn't you ever tell me about that?"

Turns out... I share a lot!

If you have an audience of freelancers, online service providers, aspiring business owners, people feeling stuck and looking to make changes in their lives, I speak about topics like:

  • Growth strategies that today's most successful online service providers know, but you don't

  • The "Not So Salesy" Sales Call: How to win over a client on every sales call

  • How you can charge $500+ an hour... for real!

  • Business Basics: The three things most people skip that lead to no clients and no money

  • How I was let go from my job, landing three new clients within 48 hours, and hit six-figures in under a year

Brenna McGowan, Email Copywriter & 

Co-Creator of The Content Bar

Working with Samantha was a dream. She was so organized on both the backend and the frontend of the Online Services Summit. I appreciated all the personalized assets she created, how well she communicated and how professional she is—not to mention what a kind human being she is. I hope we get to collaborate together on a project again in the very near future!


"Samantha is an example of never settling for less than what you want, for following your passions, and building the exact life you want. While many of us say we want that, and even strive for it, Samantha found a way to obtain that. She's worked for people who deplete your passion and she said "NO MORE!"

Josh Cary, Host of The Hidden Entrepreneur Show


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