Client Onboarding Package Template

$30.00 USD

What kind of information should you be providing to a client once they make the decision to work with you? AND how do you present this information in both a professional and concise way so they ACTUALLY read it?

This template will...

  • Allow you to "wow" your new client and help you make the best professional first impression possible

  • Set boundaries and establish what your partnership will look like so you can avoid issues down the road

  • Provide the client with next steps and explain any information you need from them to be able to do your job

  • Ensure your new client actually reads the content because it has been carefully designed and laid out with a natural flow

No more stress & headache:

  • This template has been built in Canva and will be shared with you as a template you can copy to your own Canva account.

  • The pages can be rearranged, duplicated, and completely customized to suit your brand and messaging.

  • All pages are in A4 document sizing.

  • Each section within the template has content prompts to help you determine what kind of content you can include in each section to "wow" your client.


What pages do you get?

15 fully designed and customizable pages

4 title page options

1 welcome page

1 table of contents

1 partnership overview page

1 expectations/values page

1 boundaries/communication page

1 project timeline/deliverables outline

1 next steps page

1 "information needed from client" page

1 tools they need page

1 FAQs page

1 invoice call to action page

Please note that none of the mockups and stock images are included in the template.