Ready To Be Blown Away?

Here's the deal.

The business you've been dreaming about is within reach!

I know what you're thinking. Having a business is going to be hard. It's going to be risky and unstable.

You're wondering if the risk is worth the reward. You're thinking about those scary statistics that say "50% of businesses fail in the first five years."

You're missing one key piece of information. None of these risky decisions or potential challenges take YOU and YOUR abilities into account. Ya feel me?

This is why I focus on unique coaching and strategies that are built off of your personality, what feels good to you, and what YOU want to accomplish.

If you build a business that shares your authentic self with the world, you're golden!

But don't just take my word for it! Keep scrolling to hear from the people who have experienced my coaching first-hand and can tell you how it's impacted them!



"Working with you shaped me and my business for the better, that is what I truly believe when I think of our time."

"Because of you, I know I am capable of making this business happen. I have the confidence to continue making connections with people I would love to work with. I have narrowed my target audience in a way that will make me more successful and know exactly who to look for. I know that business doesn’t magically take off on it’s own, it takes dedicated, hard work and requires discipline, hopefulness, and time. I have/know how to create a schedule that works for ME, instead of believing the idea that I still have to work 8-5 to be successful. I have pricing that works for me and my family and makes sense for my offerings, time, and services. I am looking forward to all that is to come, and I’m excited for all the possibilities for the future of this business. Thank you for everything, Samantha!!"

"I never would have had the systems or the courage the start my business without Freelancing for Freedom!"

"Samantha gives great feedback and so many resources to help business owners get started. Since joining, I’ve signed my first client and have several more leads to follow up with!"




Courtney, Sold Out Services Client

"I feel like I have purpose in my business!"

Olivia, Sold Out Services Client

"It's truly the greatest transformation I've ever had."

Jackie, Sold Out Services Client

"I'm so grateful and humbled that she was able to help me in my business."



"I've 5x my income in the last four months!"

"I want you to know that you really helped me set things up, the templates and setting my packages, it was a great starting point for me to get things off the ground and my income and business have 5xd in the past 4 months. I'm so grateful for your resources and supporting me even when I had no idea what I was going to do."

"I've gained direction and clarity."

"Before freelancing for freedom, I was really just keeping my head above water trying to put together a business with no real direction. I've really gained direction and clarity since joining, and I'm working on implementing the things I've learned so far. I finally feel like I have a coherent business to present to potential clients!"



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Watch what these Freelancing For Freedom students share about their experience inside the program!

Jen, Freelancing For Freedom Student

Jenny, Freelancing For Freedom Student

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Oh, hey there! I'm Samantha.

I'm an English major turned entrepreneur who truly believes you don't have to have any kind of experience to start a business! By working together, you and I will establish a strong foundation AND strategy for your business that feels good to YOU! It's all about building a business you love by doing what you love.