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How this gal went from being fired and totally lost to tripling her income and teaching driven online service providers how to build crazy profitable businesses they love.

Don't you hate it when people talk about themselves in the third person?

But, seriously...

Before the six-figure business. Before I became a three-time bestselling ghostwriter. Before teaching countless others how to build their dream businesses... I was completely and totally convinced that I was meant to climb the corporate ladder.

I was ready to grind, put in the years, and work my butt off building someone else's business.

From Wine & Google, to Screaming into a Pillow

My entrance into entrepreneurship was bumpy to say the least.

While some people make the choice to pursue a life of entrepreneurship, I was kind of pushed into it.

When I got fired from what I thought was my golden ticket to becoming the CEO of some big company, I had been freelancing as a side-hustle for a couple of years... but never really taking it seriously.

It definitely wasn't something that I saw as a long-term career.

But, lo and behold, just 48 hours after being fired, I had three new clients. But, there was a problem?

I was in total survival mode. I needed money. I had just lost my job and replacing that income was priority number one.

I started taking on any client that would pay me, which made me quickly realize...

"I truly hate the business I'm busting my ass to build!"

The first few months were a bit of a nightmare.

I kept myself busy ALL. THE. TIME. but my life didn't look the way I thought it would...

I had clients from all over the world and was bringing in $8K+ per month, but I wasn't happy. Every time I would get a new client, another one would cancel. When I thought that a client was happy with my work, they would call to yell and complain.

I was in a constant state of panic because I knew that at any second another client would cancel and I would be back to scrambling for another one.

I spent sleepless nights thinking about how I was going to find clients and grow my business so my husband didn't have to shoulder all the financial burden.

I unintentionally distanced myself from friends because I was always working on my business.

And what did that all lead to?

Sh*t clients.

Unstable income.

And a new level of stress I didn't even know existed.

Ya, I had a business. Ya, I had some clients. But they were the wrong kind. They were happy to come and go versus staying with me long-term. Our relationship was very transactional, which meant they had no problem treating me like crap when they felt like it.

I was burning myself out for people who didn't appreciate me and for a business I wasn't enjoying.

What was I doing?

I was putting everyone else first and forgetting that I started building a business for ME. I completely lost sight of that...

So I fired ALL my clients

I let go of all the clients that I didn't like working with to make space for better things.

I quickly discovered that if I was going to build a successful business, it needed to be filled with dream clients and passion projects!

So I put all my effort into finding those kinds of clients. It's crazy how fast I learned:

  • How to sell high-ticket services without feeling nervous or unsure about my pricing

  • The true value that I could bring to people's businesses as long as I was passionate about what they did

  • What a client relationship could look like when it's based on respect and common goals

  • How to grow my business to over six-figures without crazy hours and burnout

Once all that was good...

I figured out how to build my packages and sell my services in a way that STOPPED me from exchanging hours for dollars

Which meant more freedom, more money, but less work.

Do you want to know the best part?

I now get to help other online service providers, both aspiring and current, jump right over the challenges and struggles, and right to having an amazing business of their very own.


But Sam... How do you do that?


I'm so glad you asked! 

By teaching other new & aspiring business owners everything that I know. I'm a complete open book!

I'm known for my "telling it how it is" method that gets my clients the income they want, the clients they've dreamt about, and the freedom they desire.

I get into the details that help you gain the confidence you need to build an amazing and profitable business without having to take on nightmare clients, sacrifice time with loved ones, or work for peanuts!

My clients learn how to land projects and clients that take some people years to acquire. My clients do this in weeks! No more low-paying projects on Upwork and Fiverr.

I teach you everything that I know.

I teach what I've done in my six-figure business that doesn't have you trading hours for dollars, working for small pay, or taking months to start making a decent living.

Are you ready to take action-filled steps towards building a profitable business that you're obsessed with?

If I see one more Facebook post suggesting that freelancers work for free in exchange for testimonials or that they should discount their prices to get some clients in the door, I may have to go all stereotypical "red head with no soul" and put them in their place because that's just a load of crap!

I KNOW you're worth more than that and so do you.

I mean, after all, that's why you're here, right?

You know you're worth it. Now all you have to do is find the clients who see it too.

That's why you've spent time searching for tools, resources, and answers to help you make this freelancing thing work for you.

And that's why you've proven that you're worth every penny that you claim to be - you just want to make sure that you can find the people to sell to!.

I KNOW that every second you spend working on your business is going to come back tenfold. 

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